Foraging Season Is Upon Us!

Our neighbor’s mulberry tree is off the hook this spring! We are in full-on mulberry foraging season here in central Indiana, and everyone is happy about it – the humans, the chickens, and even the dog, who, it turns out, quite likes mulberries, too. We get the biggest bang for the buck from their tree, since most of the branches actually grow over our yard. Thanks, neighbors!

20130601. Backyard foraging - mulberries from the neighbor's tree.

Also, while we’re on the topic of urban foraging, check out this amazing map and website, Falling Fruit, which aims to identify foraging spots from around the world, down to fruit/vegetable type and street location. You can even add your own favorite foraging spots – although if it gets too popular, you might find a crowd camped out under your favorite mulberry tree next season!

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