A Day in the Life

My day:

  • 6 am – Up and at ’em, tiger! Lots of animal care, followed by self-care and some coffee (that’s kind of redundant, since coffee totally counts as “self-care”).
  • 7:20 am – Out the door and on the bike to…
  • 8:15 am – White River State Park and prepping for the Growing Places Indy CSA. Assess plants and get a general plan of attack down.
  • 8:30 am-12 pm – Do yoga; schlep a bunch of tools, containers, and other accoutrements out of the parking garage closet; harvest, wash, and store the veggies (we’re talking kohlrabi, chard, kale, beets, radishes, lettuce, herbs, service berries, and so much more I’m forgetting now).
  • 12-1 pm – Lunch at City Market, watching the world go by at the weekly farmers market downtown.
  • 1-2 pm – Attend awesome discussion on food culture and food access in Indianapolis with the people from Living Well Community Garden and KI EcoCenter. One of my favorite quotes from KI EcoCenter Program Director Paulette Fair: “When a child comes in eating cheese curls at the community center, I say, ‘Why do you make me love you more than you love you?'”
  • 2-3 pm – Actually GO TO THE BATHROOM, chug some water, and lie in the grass for a minute.
  • 3-6:30 pm – Put out all CSA veggies and make ’em look pretty (which doesn’t require much effort, thankfully). Give veggies to happy people who seem to feel the same way about beautiful vegetables as I do. Learn how to use a broad fork. Learn how to patch a tube on a bike tire. Laugh a little. Pack up, clean up, and schlep everything back down to the dungeon-parking garage closet. Check out and mentally high five everyone.
  • 6:30-7:30 pm – Bike home.
  • 7:30-10 pm – Pet puppy and pick mulberries. Put away delicious fresh veggies. Make dinner (chard/kale mix sauteed with garlic, over easy eggs, feta, and sliced radishes). Pack up lunch and set out clothes for tomorrow morning. Talk to mom. Finally answer work emails for the day, which are far too numerous.
  • 10 pm (aka NOW) – Blog about your insanely packed, yet insanely awesome day.

Next up? Couch time with the dog and the dude until I pass out in t-minus 25 minutes. What a tremendous week, although the coming weekend will be a welcomed relief. 

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