Invitation to Help Me Say Thanks and Be a Part of Something Awesome!

This week marks the halfway point in the Growing Places Indy summer apprenticeship, and to say it has been life-changing is no exaggeration. I want to invite you to help me “pay it forward” to give someone else this same experience next year and show my gratitude for being given this opportunity:

20130620. Growing Places Indy.

The first few weeks, I felt like I was somehow cheating at life and living extremely decadently – but, really, I was just taking care of myself, learning from others, expanding my perspective and horizons, getting totally filthy and exhausted and starving every day, and spending most waking moments outside.

Five weeks later, I have been so grateful to realize that this way of life has become my “norm.” I can only hope that I am able to take this perspective and the skills I’ve learned forward with me in everything I do.

20130625. Laying drip tape at South Circle Farm.

Not only that, but it has given me new ideas and connections to begin making a bigger difference in Indianapolis. I can’t wait for some of my plans to take shape, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

My current office.

I would love if you considered contributing to help give someone else this amazing experience next summer. I am working to both show my gratitude for being able to participate this summer and “pay it forward” by raising $525 to support one of the 2014 Growing Places Indy summer apprentices.

If you’re interested, take a look here:

Any contribution counts and means you will play a direct part in building the capacity and leadership to Grow Well, Eat Well, Live Well, and Be Well – in this city and around the world. Thank you for your support ALWAYS!

At White River State Park, thinking about a nap under this sign.

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