Just Your Average Garlic-Breathed Queenie Over Here

Friday night after work, I met up with my wonderful, beautiful, inspirational friend, Sally, for general chatting, catching up, and inspiration-making. We went to our standard spot, and this time we split one of my favorite guilty pleasures: their amazing garlic fries.

Needless to say, I was burping garlic the entire night, which was completely fitting because I also discovered upon returning home that half of my garlic bed was ready to come out.

20130629. First garlic harvest = 50 bulbs.

Garlic: in my burps and hanging in the office!

20130629. Garlic drying.

The overall garlic schedule? So this was my first year growing garlic. Something like five heads-worth of beautiful cloves went into the ground last November, slept under a layer of straw all winter long, then began poking their green shoots through the soil in the spring. These first fellas are rather small, but I think the rest will be quite large, if I’m going by the size of the greenery.

The bunches will dry in the office for two to three weeks – and then Imma eat ’em. I assumed a cool, dark place would be what garlic liked, but apparently you want to cure it in a brightish, warmish, well-ventilated room. Who knew?

Plus? ZOMG, GARLIC SCAPES! The most amazing plant invention ever! Way to keep on giving, garlic.

20130607. Garlic scape.

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