META: Blogging About an Article About Our Blog!

The Indianapolis Star did a really nice piece on the urban farming apprenticeship I’m taking part in this summer, complete with excerpts from this here blog AND a pretty great list of some of the farms in operation around town! I’m just tickled.

Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Star.

2 thoughts on “META: Blogging About an Article About Our Blog!

  1. I read the article and that’s how I found your Blog. I live in Indy too. Your blog is great. I learned about the food systems in Indy as well. Great story

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I have a good time updating this blog – honestly, it’s partly to help document and remember what I did year to year. If you’re ever close to downtown on Wednesday afternoons, we’ve been doing a free lecture series on local food topics specific to Indy. It’s at the Platform at City Market from 1-2 pm on Wednesdays through early August!

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