Just Another Manic Monday

When I pause for a moment to take a good, hard look at all the things we have going on this summer, I realize it’s kind of a lot. Today was one of those days where it felt like it. Kind of a lot, that is.

Have I mentioned lately that we are engaged? Because we are. Which basically means the next step is to get married. Have I also mentioned we are pulling together a wedding by September (date still TBD)? I realized today that even very small weddings require a certain degree of coordination that is a large step above “backyard barbecue,” which is pretty much the extent of my party planning skills to date.

And then there’s the apprenticeship, the chickens, the dog, the cats, the summer projects, the garden, the job, the still-nebulous dreams for the future, and the many, many other things I’ll divulge in more detail at some point.

The long and short of it: I’m overwhelmed today, so I’m going to show you some pretty pictures of my evening, then curl up on the couch with some warm zucchini bread and a good book until I pass out at, oh, 9:00 or so.

Life continues on the homefront. The bee balm is swarmed by bees daily…
20130708. Bee balm bonanza.

The zucchini plants continue to bleed…
20130708. Bleeding zucchini.

Birdie maintains her cuteness…
20130708. Backlit Birdie.

And, as her winter coat falls out, we learn that her skin is spotted like a wee, tail wagging cow’s…
20130708. Birdie's winter coat fell out, and it turns out she's spotted like a cow underneath.

And finally, the peppers multiply like bunnies. I seem to have a pepper problem, though. The problem is I got the seedlings completely mixed up, and I have no idea what’s what. Well, I have a little idea… Eh, whatever. They’ll all get pickled and scarfed down regardless.
20130708. First pepper haul.

P.S. Heavens to Betsy, this may be the best zucchini bread I’ve ever eaten. Bless you and your restorative powers, zucchini bread!

6 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

    • Tarah, my love! What are you doing next Friday night? Chris and I are thinking of organizing a trip to watch the Exorcist at the IMA. Also, we miss you guys.

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed with wedding plans. We got married 3 months after we got engaged and had a ball. I used to find it funny the responses I got from the dress makers, “we need 6 months to make the dress!” With brides everywhere losing weight for their special day, I never really understood this. Mum did mine in a couple of weeks. I don’t think I had as many things on as you though. You’ll be right!

    • Thank you for the cheerleading and vote of confidence! 🙂 I’m actually feeling pretty good about things – I have my entire outfit ready to go, and my ring is getting re-sized as we speak (it was my great-aunt Mildred’s, and it’s beautiful). I’ve got a date and location totally set, too, as of this morning! More on that later – SUPER excited.

      We just need Chris’ clothes and ring, invitations, flowers (we’ll probably make our own using edibles and wildflowers and such), basic rustic decorations, an officiant, a photographer, a cake of some sort, and a dinner location afterwards. Oh, and a fancy hotel for Chris and I to party it up in that night! I’m really excited.

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