The Most Perfect Wedding Location of All Wedding Locations

I am so excited to say that we have a date and location for the wedding! Drum roll, please…

On September 7, 2013, we will be getting married at South Circle Farm! The farm is just south of downtown Indianapolis and uses organic practices to grow fresh food for the farmers market, restaurants, and a CSA. I sort of adore the “captain of the ship” over there, Amy Matthews, and she has graciously given us the go ahead to be wed on her beautiful piece of land.

We’ll be married under their shade awning (built by the People for Urban Progress, which I just learned) amongst the plants and wildflowers and bees and (hopefully) sunshine.

Photos borrowed with love from South Circle Farm:

I don’t think I could be more excited about our wedding location. I love the work Amy does, and the farm, at around one and a half acres (I think) is a gorgeous example of how once pretty much defunct, unused land can be turned into something amazing. I am just so grateful!

Photos courtesy of South Circle Farm.

Next up: Photographer. Dinner location. Cake/pastries. Officiant. Decorations and sign in book. Get a marriage license (or whatever we need). Mail out invitations (which I printed up last night. Sneak preview: go ahead – put a bird on it). Set up a web page. Flowers. Hotel reservation. And maybe figure out brunch for the next day’s open house. Just a thing or two, you know… no big.

Long story short: WE HAVE A WEDDING LOCATION! Photos courtesy of South Circle Farm.

8 thoughts on “The Most Perfect Wedding Location of All Wedding Locations

  1. That looks to be the perfect place for you to hold it. Quite fitting. That is about 4 minutes from my house!
    Since you are so active in the food network here in town, can you tell me if they still have the farmer’s market across from Shapiros on Tuesday evenings(?).
    I went last year, and there was a guy from Columbus that sold the BEST wine!!! I’d love to try a couple different flavors and don’t want to order a case and have it shipped.

    • That’s awesome that you live right by there! I love South Circle Farm. They are going to have a farm tour and potluck over there on August 18, if you’re in town and interested.

      I think you might be thinking of the Stadium Village Farmers Market. I’ve never been, but it looks like they are taking a hiatus this year – hopefully, they’ll be back up and running in 2014! Here’s some more information:

  2. I am ALWAYS in town!!!! LOL.
    Thank you for the info.
    Bummer, I guess I either have to go downtown to the market on Wed. or just order a WHOLE case of wine. Aaahhhhh shucks! LMAO!

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