Wedding Prep, Space-Farm Style

In one week, we’re getting married! Our final wedding prep this weekend has me laughing just a little. Our to do list:

  • Cleaning out the chicken coop and run
  • Shopping spree at Goodwill, followed by spray painting of Goodwill vases
  • Re-stringing errant tomato plants
  • Buying a new collar for Birdie and pine shavings, oyster shell, and grit for the chickens
  • Doing a rain dance and/or actually watering our sad, dried up plants
  • Putting away our many, many piles of reading materials, including Brew Your Own magazine, Seed Savers Exchange fall seed catalog, pregnancy books (Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad; Bringing Up Bebe; Pregnancy, Child Birth, and the Newborn), and various things-that-have-needed-to-be-filed-for-months
  • Pickling more hot peppers from the garden
  • Cleaning the house (last and certainly least – favorite, that is)

Tomorrow, I can’t wait to break all this work stuff up by hanging with my knitting friends out at Triton. I know how to rage on my last weekend being a single woman.

20130829. Do tell, Birdie. Do tell.

Me and Birdie, TOTALLY RAGING!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Prep, Space-Farm Style

    • Thank you so much, Chris! We keep joking that we’re just trying to pack it all in at once. And I feel you – I’ve been horrible about checking in on my fellow bloggers pretty much all summer. Soon, the tomatoes will stop ripening, a frost will take over the morning air, and I will have time again to hibernate and internet! 🙂

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