State of the Belly Address: Half-Full

As of yesterday, this adorable little beastie of mine is halfway done. We celebrated the 20-week mark of pregnancy with a visit to Fall Creek Gardens for their fall harvest party and mural ribbon cutting ceremony, dinner and ice cream out, and a trip to Lowe’s.

We know how to party. Saturday! Rage! No, really, though, it was a great day.

Ever since the wedding, I feel like I’m busier than ever, probably due to the fact that for the entire month of August, anything that wasn’t wedding-related got pushed to the back of my mind and the bottom of my to do list. Now it’s all rushing back to the forefront like a tsunami. Or at least a slightly flooded stream bed.

Rather than bore you (and myself) with the details of that flood of STUFF that needs doing, I think we need more pretties on this rainy Sunday, no? Not only have I been productive in the baby-making lately, but I’ve also been productive in the baby stuff-making (and acquiring). Here are a few of my latest goodies for this little no-name nubbin.

First, we have some toasty sweaters and a kick sack for those breezy February days:
20130929. Making stuff and taking names.

And what little beastie doesn’t need some cozy wool pants and a super soft chevron blankie? The better to cuddle you with, my love.
20130929. Making stuff and taking names.

Every time I look at Barnaby the Bear (made by my sister-in-law and four-year-old nephew, Ben) and my big cuddly bunny, I squeal a little (in my mind… although sometimes a squeak manages to get out). Barnaby also happens to be modeling an aviator hat and bib for the babe.
20130929. Making stuff and taking names.

I’ve also procured about a billion (okay, 17, but whatever) cloth diapers to get us going. We might be pretty well set in the cloth diaper department!
20130928. My fetuses cloth diaper stash is about complete for now.

Last but not least, I love the way these turned out. These are being printed up and framed as 11×14″ wall art. The ideas were totally stolen from others (love you, Etsy and Pinterest).
20130929. Making stuff and taking names.

Oops, I lied. ONE one more. I forgot I made a bunch of kick ass onesies yesterday!
20130928. New onesies for the sprout.

Chris fretted the other night that this baby is going to come out all hipster: bearded in a flannel shirt and skinny jeans if it’s a boy; dark-rimmed librarian glasses, bangs, handknit mittens, and jarring, conflictingly patterned clothes if it’s a girl. I think it’s going to come out all hippie farmer: dirt under its tiny nails, pulling raw beets from the ground to use as its teethers.

2 thoughts on “State of the Belly Address: Half-Full

  1. A hippie farmer/hipster baby would be adorable! I love this post and all the handmades. I’m going to burst your bubble though! We have 18 newborn diapers in our stash and we wash diapers EVERY day. We could probably get by every two days now, but in the beginning there was no way. Little bird liked to let mama change his bum only to make a huge poop, and then do it over again five minutes later. Thankfully diaper laundry is easy, but there is a lot of it. Yours look so cute! What kind did you go with?

    • I am really curious to see how the WASHING aspect of cloth diapers goes. It kind of seems like you need to do them at least every other day, if not every day for a while. We are going to use disposables to start (like, until meconium is cycled through), but yeah… We may be purchasing more!

      I’ve started with a bunch of pocket diapers that are supposed to fit all sizes of babies. I got some Alva ones and some others straight from China. šŸ™‚ I have a few more expensive “dream” ones in my Amazon registry, as well as pre-folds and Snappis in case we end up liking those better. It’s hard to pick and choose now without knowing what will work best for us, but we kind of need SOMEthing for when the kid gets here.

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