Bump Watch 2013: Time Is NOT ON MY SIDE

Okay, seriously, guys. Time needs to take a chill pill and SLOW THE H-E-DOUBLE-TOOTHPICKS DOWN. I’m starting to freak a little bit.

Maybe part of that is due to our first daycare visit last week (at which we were informed it’s unlikely our half-baked baby will get in before he/she turns one). Maybe it’s because I suddenly feel quite rotund. Whatever the reason, I would very much like time to quit acting like a reckless teenager and follow the damn speed limit for once.

Blah blah, whatever, pregnancy fears, whatever. It’s bump watch update time. Weeks 18-21, bitches!

Bump Watch, 2013 - weeks 18-21.

Shall we take a moment to compare? See Exhibits B, C, and D. I remember thinking at 11 weeks my stomach was really popping out. HA! HA HA HA!!!

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 6-9.

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 10-13.

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 14-17.

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