November: The Month of Thanks (Day One: FAT-KID SNACKS!)

This summer during the Growing Places Indy summer urban farming/yoga/good living apprenticeship, we talked a lot about approaching life with an overall perspective of gratitude, thanks, and abundance. I quickly found that, the more you look at the world through such a lens, the easier it is to express your thanks, to be positive in the face of not so great things, and to generally live a positive, giving life.

Three months later, of course, it has gotten a little harder to live a life of gratitude, day in and day out. Work can throw you a curve ball, or maybe you get sick and feel like utter crap. It’s hard to maintain gratitude when situations around you are less than ideal.

So on this gray, rainy, blustery day and in the spirit of the month of Thanksgiving, I’m going to highlight one thing a day for which I am thankful in my life. Big, small, profound, silly, it doesn’t matter. I’d like to get back into a mode of thinking where, no matter what, I can recognize the good around me and, more importantly, spread that thanks around a little bit.

TODAY’S SHOUT OUT: GRATITUDE TO ALL THE FAT-KID SNACKS OUT THERE – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Today, I am thankful for my latest fat-kid snack*: rye toast with avocado slices and extra sharp cheddar cheese.

*I briefly lived in San Francisco post-college, and my roommate, Charlie, introduced me to the concept of fat-kid snacks – essentially, any snack that you know you probably shouldn’t be eating/will make you fat if you eat too many of them, but you can’t help yourself because they are SO GOOD. I remember his newfound fave at the time was Nilla wafers spread with peanut butter.

Other genres of fat-kid snacks:

20110817. our first food stop.

State fair fat-kid snacks!

20121225. Making new (food-related) traditions - cinnamon buns.

Holiday tradition fat-kid snacks!

first "solid" food.

And actual chubby baby-snacks! No, my nephew Ben was never a “fat-kid,” but this is a clear expression of how fat-kid snacks make you feel – like you want MOOOORE.

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