Giving Thanks, Day 2: She’s a Bird

Pretty much every day since we got her as an adorable pup, I’ve been thankful for Birdie. I won’t say it was a total whim to get her, but I also wasn’t exactly planning for years and years to get a dog. After all, we had two cats, five chickens, and two humans already occupying our 1/8-acre / 1200 square foot house. Was there really room for a dog?

The answer: absolutely. Getting Birdie was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a couple, I think – right up there with getting chickens, buying a house, and getting married.

TODAY’S THANKS: So while I am thankful for many, many things about Birdie, today I am specifically thankful for Birdie’s expressive, hilarious ears.

Today’s ears:

20131107. Birdie and her ears.

Ears of Birdie-days past:

The original shelter photo that forced us to fall in love with Birdie.

20121030. Birdie's sweetest face.

20121104. We are the best snugglers.

20121123. Birdie and her heater.

20130410. Birdie's spent grain biscuits - before and after.

20130119. Warm January day at Holliday Park.

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks, Day 2: She’s a Bird

    • That’s what I like to think! You can totally tell her mood by her ears. Like, when she’s feeling a little sassy and doesn’t want to come in from the backyard? Her ears totally give her away, and you just KNOW you’re not getting that dog to budge without some fantastic treat.

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