Giving Thanks, Day 3: Curbside Urban Scavengers

Today, I send a shout out to all the CURBSIDE URBAN SCAVENGERS/DUMPSTER DIVERS in the South Broad Ripple Area. You see, sometimes we have stuff we don’t want anymore. Some of it we put on Craig’s list, but a lot of it just isn’t worth it to try to sell for a few bucks.

However, it turns out that our curb the night before garbage pickup is much like our own personal Freecycle. You put something out, and it magically disappears before the first garbage truck hits the street the next morning.

It’s a win-win: all we have to do is get it to the curb, and the end recipient benefits, whether they use it themselves or find a way to sell or salvage it.

Here are just a few things that have been salvaged from our curbside:

  • A black standing dresser and cube storage unit (put out after work, gone by the time we got back from Bradley Method class. MAGIC!)
  • My awesome yet incredibly heavy old school desk
  • A full sized bed spring
  • More clunky end tables than I care to count
100829. boombox's new friend.

That beautiful 70s armchair in the background? That was a prize for one of the curbside scavengers of Bloomington, IN, before I moved.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re on the curbside scavenger circuit.


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