Giving Thanks, Day 4 and 5: Slugs and Grandparents*

*Not necessarily in that order.

Day 4: Giving Thanks to the Creepy Crawlies

Yesterday, we took a trip down to the Bloomington Handmade Market, which is sort of like a regional, in-person Etsy. In other words, AWESOME. I had wanted to scoop up a few unique things for Christmas presents, and I had no problem doing that. I also had no problem finding a few things for our own wee babe.

While perusing the wares, we found these adorable stuffies. I was enamored with this bug-eyed monster, a platypus, and a slug and wanted all three of them. Thankfully, Chris helped talk me down. I am thankful for handmade goodies, slugs, and husbands who encourage the selection of the most odd/unique option.

20131110. A stuffie slug for the sprout.

My alma mater’s official mascot is the lumberjack; however, the unofficial mascot is the banana slug. Go, slugs!

Day 5: Giving Thanks to Crafty Future Grandparents and Handmade Gifts

Between both our sets of parents, I think this kid is going to have things well covered in terms of grandparents. Chris’ parents visited this weekend and not only brought us a signed copy of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s latest book, but they also gifted us with an absolutely amazing, barnyard-themed quilt for the babe. Seriously, I think I squealed incoherently for several minutes when my mother-in-law first pulled it out to show us.

20131110. Baby quilt from Grandma Lynn.

Chickens, goats, pigs, horses, sheep – all the major barnyard players make an appearance.

20131110. Baby quilt from Grandma Lynn.

Goats and chicken wire and swirlies. Everything a baby needs.


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