Giving Thanks, Days 8 and 9: I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

You guys! I’m so excited about day 9 of this whole gratitude for a month thing that I’m just going to have to blow right through day 8.

DAY 8: A PREGNANT LADY’S FONDEST DREAM: A KING-SIZED BED WITH A MILLION PILLOWS, ALL TO HERSELF. Way to go, work trip hotel. I never understood the pregnancy pillow thing (and honestly assumed it was a gimmick/yet another “thing” us pregnant ladies are told we need to buy)… until my first Bradley Method class, when the teacher had our partners arrange something like eight pillows all around our little bodies as we laid limp as very round, fluffy teddy bears on the ground.

A pregnant lady's fondest dream: ALL the pillows and a king sized bed all to myself! Go go Grant Street Inn.

(The doozy, heart bursting in a good way one) – DAY 9: HUGE THANKS AND GRATITUDE FOR YOU FANTASTIC, AMAZING LADIES IN MY LIFE. You’ve been there for my happy times and my lowest times, we’ve gotten through some of the worst situations, and we’re still kicking to tell the tale. I don’t know where I’d be (and I really mean that) without your support and love and cheerleading and commiseration.

I feel so thankful to each and every one of you on your average given day, and now every time I put our baby in its new bouncer, I will think of each of you! Thank you for making a girl feel loved, Nikki, Carrie, Sarah, Alina, Emily, Kristin, Bach, and Richelle.

20131115. Giving thanks, day 8.

It’s like Christmas morning up in this piece, complete with bedhead.

20131115. Giving thanks, day 8. Outtake.

Outtake: Birdie does not understand self timers. Or… maybe she DOES.

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