Giving Thanks, Days 19-22: Everything’s Coming Up Christie

It has been a really stellar week or so. The anticipation of getting to see my parents and family, some amazing new opportunities coming to fruition, and the promise of some good old fashioned baby showering have really buoyed me lately.

Day 19: THANKS, COUCH, FOR ALL THE COZY WINTER GOOD TIMES. Both Birdie and I seemed to be feeling a little under the weather/exhausted by Sunday. I was exceedingly thankful to my couch and to the fact that I didn’t have to be on my feet, doing much of anything all day.

We're both feeling a little meh today, I think.

Day 20: HAPPINESS, THANKS, AND EXCITEMENT FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES! I’ll give more details soon, but some really awesome, amazing, dream things are happening lately. It’s left me feeling breathless and nervous and generally thrilled.

One hint:

201306. Harvesting bok choi.

Day 21: THANKS FOR MY FAMILY AND BEING ABLE TO SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH THEM. I love my parents a whole lot. I haven’t seen them since our wedding, and I really can’t wait to spend the next several days with them. Every time we visit, it’s true vacation mode time – lots of eating, TV watching, relaxing, reading, maybe a walk or two, shopping, eating some more… and did I mention relaxing? We are good at vacation time with the ‘rents.

I love spending time with them. They’re my best friends. And this year, there’s the added bonus of getting to see aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins and little ones, both at Thanksgiving and the baby shower my mom is throwing for us.

day 3 - mom, dad, and flowers.

day 7 - mom at spirit island, which wasn't actually an island.

071224. me and mom, the cold, and a tree.

mom and me. 2003.

090814. dad and me.

2012023. Dad's day cross stitch.

Day 22: THANKS FOR PAINLESS TRIPS TO THE BMV. In my continuing quest to change my last name, I’ve gotten the chance to visit a number of government offices. The BMV? MUCH better than the Social Security Administration. MUCH MUCH.

However, do you think the guy could have taken a slightly less serial killer-y picture of me? Oh, well. With today’s trip, now I just have to do cleanup for the rest of m name change stuff: bank, health insurance, doctors, etc. But the big/official stuff is DONE!

Seriously, DMV picture taker dude? We couldn't have done a slightly less serial killer-y retake?

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