Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Chris has channeled this wise woman for his pre-baby philosophy of life. I must say, living the “ain’t nobody got time for that way” is very effective and has started rubbing off on me.

So what don’t we have time for these days?

EXHIBIT A: Lingering Ambitious Flooring Projects. Chris finished the Ambitious Flooring Project of 2013/2014 last weekend, and it is wonderful!

With two adults, two cats, and one dog, our old carpet (which was stained and gross when we moved in) was just not getting any prettier. BEFORE:

20131226. Family room, pre-flooring.

20131226. Family room, pre-flooring.

Now? Oh, now we have a thing of beauty – flooring that will be easy to clean all of the various mammalian residues and deposits off of, which will be especially awesome once the baby gets here. Also, it’s dead sexy. BEHOLD – AFTER!

20140108. Sneak preview of our new sexy flooring!

20140115. Our brand new family room flooring.

EXHIBIT B: Intimidating, Yet Deceptively Simple, Baby Stuff Assembly. Today I experienced a great accomplishment. It involves an infant car seat. Seriously, have you ever tried to install a car seat? Because everyone freaks you out so much about installing that damn thing that it almost paralyzes you with fear.

Not only was I able to fit the infant car seat into my roller skate of a car, assuaging my fears that I would need a new car to accommodate the dang thing, but I was able to figure out how to connect it properly, armed with just a user manual and my own brain piece. SUCCESS!

EXHIBIT C: The Chickens Ain’t Got Time for That, Either. The chickens have jumped on the band wagon, too, and decided that nobody’s got time for winter and its short, cold days anymore. Spring time is around the corner, and for the first time in three months, we have two more chickens who have joined Boo, our workhorse leghorn, in deciding to lay eggs again!

20140117. Finally, more than white eggies in the skelter.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

    • I guess it was inevitable that, by the end, this would be ALL I’m able to think about, but I’m still a little surprised. I just want to be as prepared as I can be – knowing that there will be so many unknowns and fun surprises as soon as the kid makes its appearance. 🙂

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