The Longest Trimester (and How to Survive It)

In true “ain’t nobody got time for that” form, I’m continuing to get sh*t done today (particularly sh*t I’ve been putting off). A sampling of the day so far:

  • Continued researching vaccinations and came up with a rough extended schedule to share with the doctor.
  • Ordered some new curtains for the living room.
  • Stocked up on items we’ll need/won’t want to run out for post-birth, including some truly glamorous health care type things for me in the days after baby comes, labor supplies like juice and snacks, some treats (hot cocoa and Burt’s Bees body butter), and general stuff humans use and run out of (think extra toilet paper and paper towels, shaving cream, etc.).
  • Cleaned out my car.
  • Started a couple of music playlists for when I’m in labor on my iPod, starting with a mellow one and a happy/sing along songs one.

The third trimester continues to drag on, though, as I get more and more excited/impatient to meet this little one (and more and more uncomfortable). Every once in a while, I can almost convince myself that my body is pretty much as it has always been. Then I slip back into feeling like my belly button is about to split open or I take my weekly photo (like my 36-week shot below) and realize, WOW, I’m gigantic!

20140118. 36 weeks.

So what items have gotten me through the third trimester so far? For posterity’s sake, here’s a brief list:

  1. Smoothies – I cannot get enough. We’ve used up all the frozen mulberries in our fridge from the summer, and I’m now stuck on a banana/yogurt/peach/almond milk/cinnamon/peanut butter combo.
  2. Burt’s Bees – Specifically, I’m kind of fanatical about their Belly Butter, Honey Lip Balm, and Almond Milk Hand Cream.
  3. Netflix – We have current marathons of X-Files and Dexter going right now.
  4. Comfy pants – My old faves were drawstring sweatpants from American Apparel, but tying that damn drawstring is way too much trouble, given the number of times I pee every evening. My flannel pajama pants have gotten a lot of play in the last month.
  5. Lipstick (and Eyeliner and Mascara) – On those inevitable days where you feel decidedly un-pretty, it’s amazing what lipstick in some ridiculously bright hue can do for a girl. Same goes for a little eyeliner and mascara.20120406. The month of lipstick!
  6. The fresh fruit or veggie du jour – Not gonna lie: I definitely went through a phase during this pregnancy where all I felt like eating was pizza, cheese, bread, and sweets. Thank goodness that passed. Lately, I have been absolutely CRAVING fresh fruits and veggies. Give me a nice honeycrisp apple; a plate full of spinach, sunflower shoots, and radishes; some roasted cauliflower; or a huge glass of carrot-ginger juice, and I am a happy girl.20130914. Annual Anderson Orchard visit.
  7. Chris – Last but certainly not least, Chris has gotten me through. Last night, he texted to say, “I don’t think I’m going out after work tonight. I just want to order a pizza and snuggle on the couch.” And I was all, THANK YOU, JEEBUS, because that is all I want to do, too, and I promptly changed into my comfy pants (see above).

    Here’s the boy and the dog, who LOVES playing with leftover kale stalks from last year’s garden.

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