I SOOOO Called It

And just like that, all five chickens are laying again, -15 to -25 degree wind chills be damned! Way to go, girls. To celebrate, I’ll fix you some nice, hot eggies before you go to bed tonight.

20140123. All five girls are laying again.

6 thoughts on “I SOOOO Called It

  1. Beautiful colors! Looks like a natural Easter harvest! But, ummm…wait…Ms. Thing, did you say you were going to feed the CHICKENS THEIR OWN EGGS FOR A TREAT??????

    Girrrrrrrl, now I have heard it all! lol

    • Aren’t they gorgeous?! And, yes, eggies are a good source of protein for ALL creatures, big and small. 🙂 I figure it’s a fast, warm, readily available treat in these frigid temperatures, and they scarf them right down. You can even feed chicken to chickens, but I just can’t go there!

      • lol 🙂 Well, I learned something new! Your life is so cute and exciting. 🙂 I watched the video of your hubby playing in the snow with Birdie, and I couldn’t help going, “Awwwww….”

    • Thank you! We do what we can over here. It is bitterly cold today, and of COURSE the heat lamp we were using in the run burned out last night, so I’m a little worried about the girls today. I’ll be running to the hardware store for a couple of fresh bulbs at lunch!

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