Bump Watch 2014: We’re Full Term, Baby!

37 weeks today, and my belly is quite the sight!

20140125. Bump Watch 2014: Weeks 34-37.

A few other pregnancy-related things:

      • Getting out of (or even rolling over in) bed is becoming an Olympic sport. My own personal winter Olympics. I’ll show you, Sochi!

20140125. 37 weeks.

    • The hospital bag is packed as much as it can be, and the car seat is now in Chris’ car.

20140125. Hospital packing list.

    • I have fantastic friends: Maggie gifted us a wonderful chicken kids book, chicken “feed me” onesie, sitz bath tea (which smells so good I want to drink it… don’t worry, I won’t), and even meal worms for the chickens! We also received an amazing vintage TV night light from one of Chris’ co-workers, then splurged a little at Tractor Supply Company this afternoon: baby’s first Carhaart overalls and a farm book with beautiful block print art.

20140125. Amazing gifts and amazing finds!

Baby's first TV!

The only TV our kid will ever have in his/her room.

Tractor Supply Company is officially my favorite store.

If I didn’t already own a pair of rubber boots, these would SOOO be mine. I heart Tractor Supply Company.

  • The last week has felt like a month. I think that means I’m (as) ready (as I’ll ever be).

In other news, Birdie was exceedingly needy yesterday. Normally, she’s pretty cool with just hanging out while I work, but yesterday she would have none of that whole closed-office-door business.

BEFORE (this was coupled with some of the saddest little moans I’ve heard her make):

Birdie really really really wanted to hang out with me today.

AFTER (happily chewing on her Kong on the office/nursery rug). Oh, little Bird:

Happy pup, finally allowed into the office.

P.S. She is currently stretched out on the couch next to me with her head resting on my wrist as I type this. MY puppy.

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