TWO MONTHS: A Lifetime or a Blink of the Eye?

Two months! Yesterday, my little dude celebrated two months on this planet.

We’ve been living in some strange time warp during that time, I swear. In some ways, his birth feels like it happened a really long time ago. But then he does something that causes me to screech to a halt and tell him emphatically, “STOP GROWING SO FAST.”

Like yesterday morning? He was cooing and kicking away on the changing table, and then he expertly put his hand in his mouth, like he had been doing it for YEARS. He put that hand in his mouth like a total boss. And I was left reeling at the fact that my tiny nugget is growing up before my very eyes, changing every single day.

So to review – here’s the little guy on his due date:
20140215. Hello, due date!

His birthday:
Baby K has arrived.

One month:

And two months! My happy boy:
20140418. Two months!

I’ve decided to take our monthly photos on a different handmade blanket each month. We received so many beautiful quilts and blankets, and I knitted a few, too – I want to show them off! I knitted the one month blanket, and Grandma Lynn quilted the two month blanket.

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