Happy (Almost) Anniversary, So Bro Homestead!

Seeing as I can’t be relied upon these days to actually remember things like anniversaries – at least, not on the actual anniversary – I’m taking this free moment I have right now to post an ode to our house.

20140505. Almost three years in our wonderful little house.

It’s been three years now in the So Bro Homestead! Chris closed on the house on Friday the 13th of May 2011. And it’s been three awesome, exciting, fun years. We’ve learned a ton and done a ton. We now have trees (sycamore, red bud, river birch, and apple trees) and chickens and a BABY and bees and a dog named Birdie. We got married. We built a garden and brew beer.

And you know what? We have plenty more plans to get us through the foreseeable future. We are happy.

20140513. Three years.

20140513. Three years.

The happy human residents:
20140505. Our bees arrived.

20140505. Me and Willem.

Happy anniversary, wonderful little house!

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