Birdie, the Master of the Photobomb

Our dog is a pretty spectacular little beastie in a lot of ways. She has amazing ears, is exceedingly snuggly, and has been described by the doggie daycare down the street at “the UN ambassador of doggie daycare.” She is also the master of the photobomb, and I thought it high time we begin compiling the magic for posterity’s sake.

Christmas family portrait:
20131225. Family photo.

Family photo photobomb:
Family photo!

Bath time photobomb:
20140312. Bath time! Note Birdie hiding under the table.

Exersaucer/I wanna go outside photobomb: Once you see her, you can’t look at anything else.
These guys. And yet another amazing Birdie photo bomb.

Okay, not exactly a photobomb, but she really wanted to play catch with this artichoke. Look at her sitting so nicely.
20130817. Birdie has an interest in artichokes.

Good dog, Birdie! Good dog!

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