Senor Sleepyhead and Madre Fancypants

As I conquered this morning’s “while you were napping” chores, I got a brilliant idea for a children’s book – all about everything stay-at-home/work-at-home moms manage to get done in those brief, ephemeral snippets when their children are napping.

It would start with the normal stuff – laundry, answering some emails and writing grant applications, returning calls, maybe even scrubbing a toilet – then move on to more advanced mommy multi-tasking skills – baking a loaf of banana bread, washing the diapers, roasting some veggies for that night’s dinner, filling the sweet potato bin with more dirt, mucking out the chicken run, or, gasp, plucking an eyebrow or two!

Then it would get all hyperbolic, of course, and end with Madre Fancypants saving the universe from total annihilation. Whadda you think? Maybe it would start with some kind stranger remarking on Madre Fancypants’ amazing arm muscles “from lifting the baby all the time.” But then you realize she’s got crazy, mad muscles from SAVING THE WORLD, one nap at a time.


Saving the world, one nap at a time. Seriously, I think we’ve got something here!

This morning, the first-nap-of-the-day chore: mucking out the chicken run. Which, OMG, based on the smell, was very overdue. On the plus side, we’ve got some amazing organic matter (read: POOP and food and worms and leftover bit of kale and chard and did I mention POOP?) in our compost bins now, and we’ve got some very happy chickens, pecking through the fresh hay and scratch in their run.

And whenever Senor Sleepyhead wakes from his nap? We’re going to the Indiana State Fair, y’all! Baby’s first cows and pigs and Ferris wheels and funnel cakes and and and… other State Fair stuff!

The whole fam-damily:
Planning the next cross stitch project.

Willem, learning from the best:
20140802. Same same.

4 thoughts on “Senor Sleepyhead and Madre Fancypants

  1. I absolutely love the idea of that story! We’re still in the very early stages with our little one but I’m already loving nap time so I can get caught up on things here and there that need done (or just hanging out and knitting, too!)

    • I wonder if anyone has written that story yet? I think a lot of mamas would relate to that! How old’s your little one? Naptime is the best. Willem took a 2 hour and 15 minute long nap this morning, which is basically unheard of around here. We did great until about 3.5 months, then all hell broke loose re: napping and sleeping, so if you need any ideas for what to try to get the little one to sleep again, I’m your woman!

      • Declan is 12 days old today. I’m really loving the newborn sleepy stage but I’m not looking forward to those sleepless nights I know are coming!

    • Oh my goodness, itty bitty, teeny tiny little guy! Congratulations! I actually found that things started getting a lot easier around 4-6 weeks or so. Mostly, I started feeling more like myself after 4 weeks and emerged from the newborn fog. Around 3.5 months, sleep started getting dicey – we really took the reins on that FAST, because OMG neither Willem nor I were functioning well!

      Mostly just be good to yourself for now, and whenever anyone offers anything, say yes! 🙂

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