Asparagus Pee for You and Me!

This family? We are big fans of asparagus. All of us, Willem and Birdie and Boombox included. Heck, one of my favorite photos in recent years is a joyous me among the asparagus fronds at the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center two summers ago:

20130613. Asparagus dreams at the Near Eastside Legacy Center.

So it’s a little odd that we haven’t taken the plunge and decided to try growing them. Honestly? I’ve been intimidated. Asparagus: intimidating little spears of deliciousness, let me tell you.

I think it’s something about perennial growing. Pretty much all of my growing experience are with annual vegetables. Oh, we have perennial herbs here and there and some blackberries and a couple of apple trees. But other than that, if something doesn’t grow well one summer, you just plant it again next year. No big.

This morning, though, I decided to take the plunge. At around 9 am, I decided we do, indeed, need asparagus. By 9:30 am, Willem and I were cruising around outside, (finally) taking soil samples for lead testing, something I really should have done years ago.

By 10 am, 25 asparagus crowns were ordered from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and I was showing Chris where my dream asparagus bed will live. By 12:30 pm, Willem and I were hard at work, digging up a 3’x12′ chunk of turf in our front yard and shoveling compost.

20150411. Asparagus patch in development.

Less grass, more food! We also hosted our first seed swap and third organizing meeting for the Keystone-Monon Community Garden last night. Here’s my bounty (as if I needed more seeds):

20150411. More seeds! Keystone-Monon seed swap.

Our first fundraiser will be a seedling sale later this month (which pretty much means me selling off all the extra seedlings I have in my basement that won’t fit in my garden). There is so much to say about that project and too much to do/not enough time to say it. We’re working on land, funds, mission development, making friends, and garden design. All at once. 

20150405. Seeding growing setup.

8 thoughts on “Asparagus Pee for You and Me!

    • This is encouraging! I don’t know why I’m so intimidated by asparagus. We have 25 crowns arriving at the end of the month, so I had better just get over that already!

      • No worries at all! It’s just hard to wait a few years for them to be ready but it’s so worth it. My kids all eat asparagus and I think that it’s partly because my husband and I are so excited about it’s arrival every year. all positive energy for them!

  1. Agree – don’t pick it for a year or so. It isn’t hard, otherwise. Before long you’ll have nice big stalks popping out each spring for fresh picking 🙂 I don’t have an asparagus bed yet, but my parents grow more than enough for themselves and us so there isn’t much need for a bed of my own yet. If we ever move to the country, though, I’ll definitely be putting one in!

    • So next spring, when my little fingers are itching to pick pick pick those first baby shoots, I’ll need your encouragement to LET THEM BE!!! 🙂 I can’t wait. We love asparagus, and I love what wild, crazy plants they turn into in the late summer. Part veggie harvest, part hedge!

  2. Less grass, more food! I love that battle cry!
    Seriously considering digging up the grass on my (city-owned) boulevard this summer to plant more food. I would love for people to walk along, and pick a bit of spinach on their way by my house.
    We have an asparagus bed in the garden, and yes, it was INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to keep my fingers out of it the first year. The second year, we only picked for the first two weeks. Now we harvest as long as we can, and then let them grow big and tall and fern-y. Good luck with yours!

    • Love the idea of digging up the boulevard grass. Have you seen the video on the original guerrilla gardener in South Central LA? He started by building gardens in the grass next to the streets, and the city was all up in his business at first. He’s doing some really awesome stuff.

      I cannot WAIT for the asparagus to get here! It should be arriving next weekend. I realized I might need to put a buffer between the sidewalk and where the bed is, though, so I need to do a little more digging. I don’t want doggies sniffy and eating and peeing on my asparagus! 🙂

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