4 thoughts on “Head: Above Water?

  1. I miss you and your blog posts! Hope everything is okay and that you had a wonderful summer. If you’ve got a new blog somewhere on the interweb, let me know :).

  2. PS. I’m on ye old Facebook if you’re not into blogging anymore but would still like to keep in touch about gardens and bees and chickens and babies. You know, all the good stuff 😉

    Look me up. My name is spelled Jaymee Shabelsky and my profile pic is a chicken. Of course.

    • Jamie! Thank you for the nudge over here! It has been a crazy year, but I’d really like to get back into the habit of posting here. I’ve missed you!

      Oh, and totally adding you on Facebook. I hope you’ve been well, lady.

    • Shoot. It didn’t give me an option to add you as a friend, but I did message you on fb. Check your other folder in case they filed me away as an “other,” and send me a friend request! 🙂

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