She’s a Bird…

Since my good friend, Sarah, introduced this song to us over Memorial Day Weekend, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve sung it to our own little Bird Dog. The Everly Brothers, “Bird Dog.”

The other song we sing to her ALL. THE. TIME.

You’re welcome. Other things that are going on:

  • Pants that fit me a week ago no longer do. I’m 21 weeks today, and I’m told the baby is now the size of the world’s largest gummy bear (not the WEIGHT, thank goodness, just the length/size).
  • I’m about to do a little closet cleaning/demolition/priming work today as part of Massive Closet Upgrade of 2013.
  • My office is quickly becoming half-office, half-nursery with cloth diapers, books, and knitted owls falling off the shelves.
  • And I’m finally getting to spend more time on Fall Creek Gardens stuff, harvesting the fruit of our labors! On Monday, we harvested about 30 pounds of produce for the Mid-North Food Pantry, and on Friday I harvested another 20 pounds of kale, chard, spicy mixed greens, and bok choy.

20131004. 20 pounds of greens from Fall Creek Gardens for the Mid-North Food Pantry.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Singing to the Chickens… Like I Do

Tonight, I finally got around to cleaning out the chicken run. Oh, my people, let me tell you… It was no small task. It was SO TIME. 

Let me explain so, as I regale you with tales of the horrible smells emanating from that dirt/muck/poop I was both pitchforking and walking in, you don’t think we are the worst chicken owners on the planet. Our chicken run has a layer of 1/2″ hardware cloth along the bottom to keep out digging critters. When we installed it all, we laid down rolls of sod to protect the chickens’ little feeties from the wire and to give them something nice and natural to scratch and poop on.

20120908. Extending the chicken run - chicken view.

And scratch and poop they did! I’ve mucked out bits and pieces over the course of the winter and early spring if it started looking ugly, laying down fresh hay to keep the girls nice and clean and dry. But today, I discovered all that nice, fresh hay on top essentially created a poop-stank-buffer-zone. The second you breach that buffer zone… OH MY, the stank!

To add insult to (olfactory) injury, all that nice composting dirt and poop and plant matter was chock full of worms. This is a good thing, of course – except that the chickens learned very quickly that every time I pitchforked chunks of poopy dirt up, THERE LIE WORMS, and they descended like ravenous vultures, forcing me to be a little more delicate with my work so as to not pitchfork a chicken.

Needless to say, I needed to distract myself from the work at hand – and I’ve got this thing with songs getting stuck in my head anyway, which was quite convenient today. Here’s what I sang to the chickens on repeat this afternoon while mucking out the run: Neutral Milk Hotel, “Little Birds.”

Little birds born without a mother or a father
I can feel their feathers forming in the running water
Now there is another in the middle of my mouth
A hundred altogether inside of me now
Little birds, little birds, come into my body

Mother, they’re within me every moment I’m awaking
Bodies multiplying until they finally overtake me
Put your ears up to my mouth and you can hear them singing
Put your hands within me and you’ll know what I’m feeling
I just want to swallow up and promise to protect them


Which, of course, got me thinking about (and subsequently singing) other chicken-/bird-related songs: like Guided by Voices, “Chicken Blows.”


And M.I.A., “Bird Flu.”


And of COURSE, Arrested Development’s amazing chicken dances:

Yo, Dawg, I Heard You Liked Earth Day, So We Took Your Car and Gutted the Engine and Made It into a Lawn Ornament, Complete with Bird Bath and Composter…

When I started this blog post, I started at the end, writing, “Finally, and unrelated to everything else in this (not-yet-written) post, [blah blah blah song that’s been stuck in my head].” But then I thought, why not start with the end as the beginning? That’s apparently what’s REALLY on my mind, so who cares if it’s unrelated to anything else going on right now? Maybe it IS the most important thing at this very moment.

So, here goes… Unrelated to everything else, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a while, and the video makes me want to move to Jamaica and hang out with just about every person featured in it for coffee or maybe something a little stronger, a dancing lesson, a bicycle ride, a game of cards, or a boxing match.

I know you, you know me
Baby, you know me
We’re all together in the same boat
I know you, you know me
Baby, you know me
I Just wanna dream

In other news, we had an awesome, whirlwind trip to Des Moines the past several days for a surprise birthday party for Chris’ mom. His mom deadpanned, “Oh, you’re here,” as she walked in and we all yelled the required, “SURPRISE!” She was, however, very pleased to see us (so she says), and we got to spend some good time with her, Chris’ dad, and the human menagerie of his family. It had been too long.

Oh, and if you saw the previous blog post, we did NOT come home with a five-foot metal chicken. If only we’d had the trailer hooked up… We did, however, make it to El Bait Shop (I just linked directly to the beer menu, because OH HOLY F*CKB*LLS, it was amazing!). As we were with family and it was 2 in the afternoon, I only got one beer (sadly, because I wanted to try about 15 of them). It was a winner, though: Green Flash Palate Wrecker IPA. I chose…. WISELY.

Before we left, we made what should probably turn out to be an amazing APFELWEIN. Yeah, not just APPLE WINE, but APFELWEIN, which is really fun to say in an Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque accent (and even more fun if you were saying it in such an accent after two glasses of aforementioned APFELWEIN, I’m guessing). I’m pretty stoked about our entrance into brewing and fermenting delicious things. This one required nothing more than a carboy, five gallons of cheapo ghetto apple juice, two pounds of dextrose, and some yeast. In six weeks or so, we should have an amazing, dry, crisp, carbonated bevvie to sip on and share.

20130419. Apfelwein.

TOTAL BABE. Also, all of this brewing stuff is really Chris’s awesome doing. Please continue being awesome. And thanks.

20130419. Apfelwein.

20130419. Apfelwein.

EDWORT APFELWEIN! (In an Arnold accent, please).

And now it sits, bubbling away gently in our basement.

Speaking of apples, our two apple sticks trees we planted last fall in the backyard, are sending out buds. Hooray! Someday, they will bloom more beautifully than our non-native (yet totally gorgeous) Japonica. Spring… it has sprung.
20130422. Japonica in bloom.

Bonus Post: Thrift Store Jams

I’m not really sure what it is about this post that makes it “bonus.” Really, I just wanted to make it sound extra super special.

All my thrifty ladies (and dudes) out there must watch this (unless you are at a stodgy work place or are offended by swear words): Macklemore, “Thrift Shop.”