Bump Watch 2013 (and Even More Exciting: Closet Watch 2013!)

RE: Bump Watch 2013. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My belly keeps getting bigger. Big whoop, right?*

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 22-25.

Let’s move on to… CLOSET WATCH 2013! I am entirely too pleased with my new bedroom closet. Here’s the before and after; first, we tore out the old hardware, and Chris patched, primed, and painted. Finally, it was shelving time. The best part is we get to remove the ugly-ass plywood dresser that was taking up space and causing a middle-of-the-night tripping hazard in our smallish bedroom.

20131103. Bedroom closet before and after.

Next up: getting the nursery closet done before Thanksgiving and my baby shower. So far, we have it painted. And, of course, we have this beautiful, very professionally done drawing. I could do this junk for a living!

20131103. High tech drawing of what the nursery closet will eventually look like.

*Note: Fear not, I mostly kid about the boring-ness of my giant belly. I’m super excited about it, really, and the little creature inside who just will not stay put. For real, when we were on vacation one night, it felt like its little heels were jabbing into the right side of my stomach. Usually, it’s more like dull thumps. Chris said it reminded him of this (not safe for work) Dave Chappelle clip: