A Gratuitous Post All About LOVE and THE FUTURE

Today marks our one-year wedding anniversary. What a wonderful, insane year it has been.

20130907. Our wedding!

20130907. Our wedding!

20130907. Our Wedding!

20130907. Our Wedding!

20130907. Our Wedding!

For instance, we now have some new residents: tens of thousands of bees and an adorable almost-seven-month-old.

Willem adores his BFF Crosby:

Homies and their chew toys.

As always, we are looking to the future. I think that’s one of the coolest things about us as a couple: we push each other and support each other and egg each other on with whatever latest hairbrained scheme one of us has until it doesn’t seem so hairbrained anymore and we actually do it.

Today’s discussion (during lunch at La Margarita, our fave Mexican restaurant, which I hadn’t visited since my due date) centered around finding some land/buying a farm so Chris could start raising nucs and building top bar hives (the latter he could do here; the former, not so much). I also had a really freaking amazing idea last night centered around food deserts and a new way of getting produce to communities who would maybe love to eat fresh produce if only they had access…. And that’s all I want to say about THAT because I might actually want to try to do it at some point.

I’m also exploring new ways to spread art into the world (and maybe make a little cash on the side so we can maybe, possibly, actually get us some land one of these days) and have re-opened my Etsy shop! Visit me at www.etsy.com/shop/famousthecat and get yourself a custom “home sweet home” print to display your own family love all year round.

Here’s ours:
20140712. Updated Home Sweet Home.

College Plans and Sippy Cups

File this under the latest in the dichotomy that is being a parent. I find it hilarious that I just started a college fund for THIS goofball. But I did! And I’m feeling very accomplished about it. I also learned today that the kid cannot yet be trusted with a sippy cup on his own. Let’s just say we’re on our fourth onesie and second bath of the day. You win some, you lose some.

Spot on, kid. Spot. On.

Muster the Rohirrim!

So this taggie helmet-wearing, sippy cup-spilling goof also has a college fund. Hopefully, he will have outgrown his love of taggie helmets and will have learned to drink from a sippy cup by the time college rolls around.

20140616. Working on the sippy cup action.

Just look at that shifty side-eye. You can tell he’s hatching a diabolical scheme to spill milk ALL OVER THE WORLD.