You’re Every Willem in the World to Me

A few more new mommy observations on this absolutely gorgeous Saturday. These days, EVERY day is a Saturday!

First Fourth!

Unfortunately, every day is also a Monday.

Kicking it with this beautiful boy.

Sleep. Sleep is, like, really super important. I am SO good at sleep. Ask anyone. I can sleep anywhere and rarely make it through an entire movie without falling asleep on the couch. I used to go on work trips, down a latte at the airport, and be asleep in my seat before the wheels had left the ground. So yeah… I know a thing or two about sleep, but I apparently suck at teaching others the fine art and sweet beauty of sleep. More on that later.

Willem's first check out at the library.

Also? Having a baby is kind of like having Stockholm Syndrome. You grow to love and adore your tiny, drooly captor and would do anything for him.


We were away last weekend visiting family, and Willem’s sleep schedule got completely jacked. It already took a turn for the worse around 3.5-4 months, but upon returning home, it was abysmal. So starting yesterday, we are now in baby-sleep boot camp (which really means “getting the kid on a dang schedule already”). I was bracing myself for a horrible day and night, but the little guy did pretty all right! He took three long naps in his crib for the first time EVER yesterday, and then I was able to get him to sleep until 7 this morning. I call that a huge success already.

Yes, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my son had never taken all of his naps in his crib. And I bounced or fed him to sleep every time. And he had zero in the way of a bed time/nap time routine. No wonder his sleep is all jacked!

In other news, our house is dreamy right now:
June 2014.

June 2014.

June 2014.

June 2014.

The Grass Is Always Greener?

I know some people spend a great deal of time and energy to have lush, park-like lawns. I can appreciate that.

I, however, am not one of those people. At our place, we would prefer to not have to mow, to not have to wage war against dandelions and clover and the multitude of unidentified weeds working hard to take over our lawn. We also appreciate native perennials, edibles, and other pretties that will make a better habitat for bees, butterflies, and birds.

With that in mind, yesterday we took our first steps in turning our front lawn into… not lawn. Soon we will be digging up more of our front lawn to plant goldenrod, purple prairie clover, lavender, strawberries, and a few different kinds of aster (good for late season forage for the bees). And that’s just the beginning!

A little timeline of the front yard: May 2011.
20110513. happy homeowner.

First plans:
20120308. Front yard plan.

More sod removal, more herbs:
20130714. Less grass + more herbs = happy house.

And some inspiration (click on an image to jump to the source):

Basically, everything this woman, Rosalind Creasy, has going on is just fine by me:

And here’s what a garden “plan” looks like around these parts:
Front yard garden planning.

Next step: the backbreaking work of breaking sod. Oh, joy.

Happy (Almost) Anniversary, So Bro Homestead!

Seeing as I can’t be relied upon these days to actually remember things like anniversaries – at least, not on the actual anniversary – I’m taking this free moment I have right now to post an ode to our house.

20140505. Almost three years in our wonderful little house.

It’s been three years now in the So Bro Homestead! Chris closed on the house on Friday the 13th of May 2011. And it’s been three awesome, exciting, fun years. We’ve learned a ton and done a ton. We now have trees (sycamore, red bud, river birch, and apple trees) and chickens and a BABY and bees and a dog named Birdie. We got married. We built a garden and brew beer.

And you know what? We have plenty more plans to get us through the foreseeable future. We are happy.

20140513. Three years.

20140513. Three years.

The happy human residents:
20140505. Our bees arrived.

20140505. Me and Willem.

Happy anniversary, wonderful little house!

Giving Thanks, Days 16-18: I Have a Bit of a Christmas Problem

Confession: I’m one of THOSE people. You know, the kind of person who loves the fact that the grocery store was playing Christmas songs the weekend after Halloween. Who has a Nutcracker Ballet Pandora station that gets frequent play between early-November and late-December. Who gets so sad at the thought that Thanksgiving and Christmas are close together this year, thus minimizing prime Christmas-tree-enjoyment. Guess which one of these I am?

DAY 16: THANKS FOR THE SMILES, NEIGHBORHOOD. I’m a sucker for streetside senses of humor. This adorable little guy makes me smile every time I’m stopped at the light down the street from my house. Which is often.

My hood.

DAY 17: WAY TO GO, CHRISTMASTIME, WITH ALL YOUR GLITTERY LIGHTS AND GLASS GLOBE ORNAMENTS AND NUTCRACKER SUITES. So what if it’s not Thanksgiving yet? Our tree is now decorated, and it makes me exceedingly happy to have those lights all aglow each night. Every year around this time, I think I’ll want to keep it up until February, but every year I somehow come to my senses around New Year’s Day and get the tree back into the basement, ready for next year.

20131122. Christmas tree goodness.

DAY 18: Finally, I’M REALLY THANKFUL WE LIVE EXACTLY WHERE WE DO. Seriously, we somehow found the perfect house for us. Like Chris said yesterday, “Things just seem to work out for us.” He’s right, they really do.

This little place was the second of many that we visited back in spring 2011, and it quickly became the house against which we measured all others in our price range. “This one’s all right…. but it’s not as nice as that second one we saw.” We’ve made an awesome home, and I never want to leave.

The latest step in house evolution: we finished the nursery closet, just in time for our upcoming baby shower!

20131123. Finished nursery closet!

20131123. Finished nursery closet!

20131125. The beginning of a library.

Our baby library begins, thanks to gifts from my brother and sis-in-law and my own bookshelf. I’ve never noticed how CREEPY that picture of Shel Silverstein is on the back cover of “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

Bump Watch 2013 (and Even More Exciting: Closet Watch 2013!)

RE: Bump Watch 2013. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My belly keeps getting bigger. Big whoop, right?*

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 22-25.

Let’s move on to… CLOSET WATCH 2013! I am entirely too pleased with my new bedroom closet. Here’s the before and after; first, we tore out the old hardware, and Chris patched, primed, and painted. Finally, it was shelving time. The best part is we get to remove the ugly-ass plywood dresser that was taking up space and causing a middle-of-the-night tripping hazard in our smallish bedroom.

20131103. Bedroom closet before and after.

Next up: getting the nursery closet done before Thanksgiving and my baby shower. So far, we have it painted. And, of course, we have this beautiful, very professionally done drawing. I could do this junk for a living!

20131103. High tech drawing of what the nursery closet will eventually look like.

*Note: Fear not, I mostly kid about the boring-ness of my giant belly. I’m super excited about it, really, and the little creature inside who just will not stay put. For real, when we were on vacation one night, it felt like its little heels were jabbing into the right side of my stomach. Usually, it’s more like dull thumps. Chris said it reminded him of this (not safe for work) Dave Chappelle clip:

One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today, Chris got the keys to his very first house. We celebrated with strawberries and moscato. And we took pictures. It took me another month or so before I moved in almost full-time, then until my lease ran out in Bloomington, IN, on August 1 to move in full-time – which is just weird for me to think about. I *remember* not living together with all our projects and plans and more projects, but… I guess it just seemed like a really natural progression. There was no internal dialogue of “this is going too fast” or “JESUS H, I can’t stand this apart-ness another day.” It was what it was, it is what it is. And, today, what it is is very, very fantastic.

20120513. One year in the house!

The house today – now with native perennials and native trees.

Let’s do a little nostalgic tour of sorts, shall we? This is what has evolved into the reading room. This room is an internet/computer-free zone.
20120513. A year ago today...

The kitchen: looking slightly more lived in.

20120513. A year ago today...

The reason Chris isn’t in any of the shots from today? He is currently devising a system to suspend our giant new ladder from the ceiling of the garage. The projects really don’t ever end (in a good way).

20120513. A year ago today...
To the right of the fireplace now is a 3D shadow box ship from my grandparents and a very 70s oil painting of a city from my childhood home.
20120513. A year ago today...

Where the internet happens. Oh, and I am really proud of my paint chip garlands for our finally-housewarming party!

Someday, this wall will be one, giant, modern, hip, awesome, open closet just for me (and Chris… I guess).
20120513. A year ago today...

The grand finale: while we have made a TON of changes to the inside of the house in the last year, the backyard is where you really can’t help but go, “Holy crap! The place has really come a long way.” We were breaking sod the day after Chris got the keys for the garden beds, and we haven’t really stopped since.
20120513. A year ago today...

20120513. A year ago today...

Having such a blank slate has been mostly a blessing, but a little bit a curse, as well. The only limit is our own imagination – a tad daunting, really.

20120513. A year ago today...

I love Chris surveying the scene in the top photo.

Little SoBro homestead, cheers to you! Tonight, we celebrate one very happy year here, and we can’t wait to see what the next brings.
20120513. A year ago today...