40 Weeks, 3 Days (and Two Weeks Later)!

It’s been quiet around these parts. And by “these parts,” I mean this blog, because it certainly hasn’t been quiet around the house. No, I am not sitting here, massively overdue and still pregnant. Instead, I type this with a sweet little boy sleeping in his wrap across my chest.

That’s right: on February 18 at 5:35 am, we welcomed yet another little beastie to our menagerie, this time in the form of an 8 lb., 13 oz., 21.5 inch long baby boy named Willem Altair! On Sunday, 2/16, we took a nice walk with Birdie through snowy Holliday Park. Seriously, the snow was up to her chest, and I was wishing I had snowshoes at one point! The first day of my maternity leave was Monday, 2/17, and at my morning appointment with the midwife, she scheduled a workup for us on Thursday. But she said as she left the room, “I really don’t think you’ll make it until then.”

Three hours later, I had finished setting up the changing area in the nursery, and my water broke as I walked out of the nursery. Labor was totally surreal, raw, and intense. Most of the time, I had no clue what was going on around me or who was in the room with us. Chris did amazingly well, and we had some fantastic nurses coaching me along. Although we wanted to go non-medicated, I did end up getting an epidural right towards the end, and it seriously saved me. I have no regrets about the epidural, let me tell you.

If the lateness of this blog post is any indication of our experience with new parenthood, Willem will be two weeks old tomorrow. I’m not sure where those two weeks have gone or what we’ve been doing, other than a lot of feeding the baby, changing the baby, rocking the baby, napping, etc. It’s amazing how much time and energy these things require. I finally managed to pay a couple of bills today, which I consider a great success. I might even make it out to the grocery store! Hey, it’s the little things.

Chris has taken such good care of me, Willem, the house, and all our animals the past two weeks. It’s going to be a little rough when he goes back to work next week, but luckily my parents will be coming for most of that week to help out and meet their newest grandson.

My guys, day one:
Baby K has arrived.

Me and my babe:
Baby K has arrived.

Family photo (Birdie photobomb!):
Family photo!

Long story short, we are happy, exhausted, and figuring things out still. Breastfeeding in particular has been a challenge, but I’m really hoping we are on the upswing with that. Raising a newborn is a lot of work!