Little Red, Big World…

Chickens running is definitely up there on the list of simple things that can make me ridiculously happy no matter what the weather, my personal circumstances, or what bad news I might have received.

Thus begins my NEW EPIC VIDEO QUEST – the quest to get what I believe is the epitome of the chicken run, the Little Red run, captured on video. I’m not sure how well I succeeded tonight, but the chickens do come when called more reliably than Birdie does.

Speaking of Little Red, she laid a mutant egg today:

20130507. Little Red's mutant egg.

While I was out playing with the chickens, Birdie, feeling left out and alone in the house, attempted to guess my password so she could have a YouTube chicken video marathon of her own.

20130507. Birdie doesn't know my password, but she's dying to watch cat videos on the internet.

(She didn’t guess it).

BREAKING NEWS: Little Red = 1, Beaker = 0

Ever since we got our first tiny pink egg on the shortest day of the year, we assumed it came from Beaker. Beaker the brave. Beaker the fave. Beaker the chick who lived. And, most notably, Beaker the GRANDMA.

Seriously, the girl was born March 19. She’s ANCIENT in chicken terms.

20130111. The chickens get some winter rye. Winter rye = chicken crack.

Because of her age, we assumed Beaker was the layer, and we hadn’t caught the pink egg layer in the act, as it were. Whoever it was, she was getting her business done FAST. So imagine my surprise when yesterday I come out, do the mental headcount of the girls in the run, and see that both Dino Puppy and Little Red are missing from the run.

You see where this is going, right? I open the nesting box and find both girls settled quite happily in their respective boxes. Twenty minutes later, I find a little pink egg right where our Little Red was nestled.

So, people, the moral of the story: Beaker the brave, the fave, the OLDEST of all, and the one who will never be destined for the stew pot since she’s also the chick who lived is also our one remaining non-egg-laying deadbeat.

20130111. My Littlest Red.

My Littlest Red, thanks for giving us your darling, tasty pink eggies! I will never accuse you of being a deadbeat again.

In other, non-chicken-related news, Birdie is still adorable…

20130105. Snow day snuggles with Birdie. Again.

Albeit a tad on the destructive side.

20130111. Birdie's toys looking a little worse for wear.