(Not at All) Weekly Roundup: aka Picture Pages!

We worked our butts off yesterday in the sun and heat, and I have the awkward tan lines and weirdly sore muscles to prove it. In celebration of being exhausted, I’m going to just stick with the pics today. We’ve had an eventful week on ye olde home front.

20120602. Hiking at Shades State Park.

We started the weekend at Shades State Park, west of Indianapolis, to celebrate Chris’ birthday weekend. BIRTHDAY!

20120602. Hiking at Shades State Park.

I was NOT all that into the giant black snake CLIMBING UP A TREE that we encountered at the end of one of our hikes.

20120602. Hiking at Shades State Park.

Phew! The snake did not eat us, and we lived to tell the tale and eat another hot dog.

20120609. First ever pickled beets.

Have I mentioned lately that I like beets? And canning? Here are the finished pickled beets. Today I planted about 6 more rows of beet seeds!

20120607. Freezing pesto!

I also froze some fresh pesto.

20120609. Well-loved lettuce.

As of this morning, many of the lettuces and all the snap peas are no longer. This alien-looking thing is the sign of a well-loved, well-eaten lettuce plant.

20120609. Welcome... to the backyard, where we basically spend all our time.reopsis, and coneflower.

Did I mention the outside world kicked our collective asses yesterday? We decided, what with our upcoming housewarming party and the tour de coops, it was time to beautify the side of the house a bit. Where once there was dying grass, we now have coneflower, coreopsis, and blazing star (with a couple of rosemary plants thrown in for good measure).

20120609. We planted the side of the house! Blazing star, correopsis, and coneflower.

Mmm, blazing star!

20120609. Yellow sqaush is off the charts awesome.

Pretty soon, we are going to be very sick of yellow squash. I’m all for freezing it for later, though!

20120609. Hot Ono.

The girls commiserated with our general heat-strokiness yesterday.

20120610. Convertible picnic table.

Really, though, the entire point of this post has been leading up to THIS PICTURE – our brand new cedar convertible bench/picnic table!

20120610. Convertible picnic table = sexy.

Seriously, I think I’m in love.

An Outdoor Adventure

The chicks had their first trip outside today, and, dare I say, they loved it. Okay, there was some panting and flailing about and general chicken sensory overload going on, and I did get pooped on (for the first time!). But after some minor freaking out and refusing to actually step into the grass in their outdoor run, the chicks got right to business plucking at the grass, strawberry flowers, and other weeds that have taken over our backyard.

Tomorrow, the girls will be five weeks old. I thought it was time to do a bit of a comparison since they’ve changed so much since they arrived.

Henrietta at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Yolko at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Ono at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Beaker at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Introductions: Ono, the Hater of Humans (Especially their Hand Parts)

Last but certainly not least is Ono, the second of our two black Australorps. Although the title of this entry may seem a tad negative, there are a number of funny, quirky, and hilarious items of note about our young Ono.

1. Ono acts like she is dying every single time you pick her up – if you can catch her. Seriously, with the yelping and the carrying on, it’s almost funny how much she hates our hand parts.

20120325. Me with Ono.

2. Even when she was just a wee thing, she liked to face the wall in her own “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” act of defiance.

20120321. "If I can't see them, they can't see me."

3. I find it totally endearing, though, that as she has started growing up and getting her big girl feathers in, she looks more and more like a hobo who just arrived in town from Toledo via a well-timed train jump. What mother couldn’t love that ratty little neck of hers?

20120413. Ono, who is looking a bit like a train-jumping hobo these days.

4. It has also become apparent that Ono loves food.

20120324. Henrietta creeping on Ono.

5. She is very often the first one to check out the new delicacy we have brought out to our (very spoiled) chicks. The others all look on with suspicion, while Ono sticks her nose right in it.

20120412. Ono scoping it out.

6. When she was little, sometimes she even passed out in her food.

Ono passed out in her food.

7. But seriously… you don’t want to get in the way of Ono and her snack time.

20120406. Celery party!

Ono, you curmudgeon, you, we are thankful that if you ever get out of captivity, we can at least coax you back with food. We hope. Celery snacks and meal worms, anyone?