Happy Spring?

You know, I like to think of myself as a pretty optimistic person. I like making plans, particularly when it comes to the garden, and I greatly enjoy watching sprouts turn to real-deal, not-messing-around, food producing plants. It is now a month before our last freeze date (did I say that right? anyway…) and I have an amazing little army of seedlings, just waiting to get in the ground, soak up some rays, and get high on chlorophyll and vitamin D.

My rarely seen pessimism, however, is starting to kick in a bit (in the form of utter disbelief that it will ever be warm enough to plant my seedlings outside again). Case in point:

(from the Indianapolis Star and National Weather Service)

Granted, last year was a ridiculously warm, early spring, but COME ON! Throw us a freaking BONE here, spring!

To continue encouraging my wistful daydreaming about springtime being right around the corner, though, I have some awesome things planned for the weekend:

  • On Saturday, I’ll be heading to the third installment of Fall Creek Gardens’ Organic Gardening class.
  • On Sunday, I’ll be the best little mulch mover that ever moved mulch by volunteering for a few hours at Big City Farms Indianapolis, where the garden will be expanded greatly this year.

If the universe cooperates, I may throw care to the wind and put the lettuces, spinach, beets, and chard seeds in the ground under a covered row on Sunday, too. Mama needs to make room under the grow lights for more seedlings – squash babies, I’m looking at you!