And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Bump Watch

Our wedding photographers (Bowersock Photographers) are not only awesome, sweet, kind people, they are also ridiculously talented professionals who deliver sheer beauty in their shots. I cannot get over our “sneak preview” photo slideshow they put together. It completely captures our day, and it makes me teary-eyed every time I re-watch it (which has been a lot):

Not only did we get married on Saturday, we also rang in week 17 of our future-parenthood-waiting-period (aka pregnancy). Which means we have another four-week belly comparison shot to share with the world!

I think at this point it’s safe to say there’s a baby in there:

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 14-17.

It’s Official… We Are MARRIED!

I have a husband, and I couldn’t be happier! On Saturday, September 7 at 4 pm, Chris and I got married at South Circle Farm, with our reception on the patio of Creation Cafe, overlooking the canal, downtown Indianapolis, and the capitol building off in the distance. Our wedding ceremony was what I thought would be my favorite part – and it was – but there were so many other wonderful moments, too.

I am so glad we did everything just the way we did. It was perfect, and I don’t use that word lightly: getting married at the farm, the ceremony, seeing my friends and family, the officiant, the photographers, the dinner and reception site, the decorations, the rings, the wholesale flowers, the weather, my bouquet, the barbecue and open house on Sunday, the hotel, and especially the guy. Weirdly, perfectly perfect.

There is also no way we could have pulled it off (and been allowed to just enjoy ourselves so thoroughly) without my parents, who handled so very many of the details and not-so-fun stuff. I am so full of gratitude for them.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve had going on the last couple of days. On Friday, my mom and I made flower arrangements while the boys bought food for the Sunday open house barbecue. I was rather in love with all of the flowers. 20130906. Our beautiful wedding flowers.
20130906. Hulk green hydrangeas!

My mom is the bomb.
20130906. Wedding flowers.

Then we got married:
20130907. Us! Married! At South Circle Farm.

20130907. I might like him just a little bit.

That one time we got married.

Chris and I stayed at a swanky downtown art hotel Saturday night, had a lovely, coffee-filled brunch on Sunday morning, then headed home to set up for the open house.20130908. My mom was beautifully color coordinated!

My dad made his famous guacamole. I’ll have to tell you about when he almost made me cry walking me out to the ceremony and how I almost made him cry with all the nice things the officiant said about the two of them.
20130908. Dad and his famous guacamole.

I’m even in love with my ring, which belonged to my dad’s aunt, my Great-Aunt Mildred, who served in WWII and the Korean War, had an amazing little house in Studio City, California, with a lemon tree in the backyard, fed all of the neighborhood cats, and was healthy and spry well into her 90s.
20130907. My wedding ring, which belonged to my great-aunt Mildred.

Long story short… we got hitched, y’all!

The Most Perfect Wedding Location of All Wedding Locations

I am so excited to say that we have a date and location for the wedding! Drum roll, please…

On September 7, 2013, we will be getting married at South Circle Farm! The farm is just south of downtown Indianapolis and uses organic practices to grow fresh food for the farmers market, restaurants, and a CSA. I sort of adore the “captain of the ship” over there, Amy Matthews, and she has graciously given us the go ahead to be wed on her beautiful piece of land.

We’ll be married under their shade awning (built by the People for Urban Progress, which I just learned) amongst the plants and wildflowers and bees and (hopefully) sunshine.

Photos borrowed with love from South Circle Farm:

I don’t think I could be more excited about our wedding location. I love the work Amy does, and the farm, at around one and a half acres (I think) is a gorgeous example of how once pretty much defunct, unused land can be turned into something amazing. I am just so grateful!

Photos courtesy of South Circle Farm.

Next up: Photographer. Dinner location. Cake/pastries. Officiant. Decorations and sign in book. Get a marriage license (or whatever we need). Mail out invitations (which I printed up last night. Sneak preview: go ahead – put a bird on it). Set up a web page. Flowers. Hotel reservation. And maybe figure out brunch for the next day’s open house. Just a thing or two, you know… no big.

Long story short: WE HAVE A WEDDING LOCATION! Photos courtesy of South Circle Farm.