The Baby (Food) Bourgeoisie*

The other day, Willem had a late harvest medley with deconstructed meatballs for lunch. Oh, yeah. We’ve reached a new level of fine baby┬ádining.

Willem's dinner: chard, lentils, and some sauce.

What exactly is that, you wonder? I’m glad you asked. It’s actually pureed spinach and carrots mixed with ground beef, onions, and garlic I had cooked up for chili for the grown ups in the house. But it sounds so much more intriguing when described all fancy-like, doesn’t it?

The chard is as big as Willem.

I’m kicking myself for not planting some more fall chard. Willem loves spinach, and chard is basically like spinach on steroids, right?

The other day, he had chard from the backyard mixed with lentils and apple sauce from our trip to Andersen Orchard. And yes, I sampled it. Pretty delicious, I must say.

*NOTE: You know how I remember how to spell “bourgeoisie”? I pronounce it in my head “bur-gee-OY-zee.” Every time. One of these days, I’ll slip and say it out loud.

What else is new? Well, our sweet guy is eight months old today. Consequently, getting his monthly pictures has gotten a tad trickier.

20141018. 8 months old.

20141018. 8 months old.

Love love love you, you majestic little creature, you.
Hanging with my favorite almost 8-month-old.

Baby Spiders and Chicken Poop

This morning, well before I was sufficiently caffeinated to take on the day, I accomplished one of our big fall chores: deep cleaning the chicken coop and run.

20140920. The biannual massive coop cleaning.Chickens, you ask? We have chickens? Oh, right! We DO have chickens. What with all the all-baby-all-the-time lately, I can understand how you forgot about our five backyard dwellers and purveyors of fine eggs.

20140920. Boo dust bathing.

Raggedy, molting, super-layer Boo.

The girls are still alive and kicking, although I realized the other day they are starting to get a little, well, OLD. At least in terms of productive layers. We’ve had no problem with egg shortages yet, but the girls were born spring/summer of 2012. Two and a half years old, all of them!

20140920. Little Red and Dino Puppy, temporarily friends.

The only time Little Red willingly gets this close to Dino Puppy, who is a total bully.

Here are a selection of sentences I uttered to my husband before 10 am. Some weekends are just… like this:

  • “I have chicken poop all over me.”
  • “There’s some oregano in the front walk.”
  • “Don’t forget about the baby spiders.”
  • “There are three mosquitoes on Willem’s head.”
  • “I didn’t really scrub it. I just powerwashed it and poured vinegar all over.”

Speaking of babies (did someone mention babies?), Willem is now seven months old!
20140918. Seven months.

And he’s going to be a little lamb for his first Halloween:
20140915. Little lambie's first Halloween costume.P.S. I almost forgot about the baby spiders! Upon removing the wheelbarrow from its hanger on the wall, I discovered two sweet spider eggs hanging out, one of which had hatched. Hundreds of baby spiders smaller than poppy seeds were moving oh so silently around their little web. And by “sweet” spider eggs, I mean “terrifying.” And by “silently,” I mean “with great malevolance.” Spiders? I love them in theory, but not so much in practice. Or hatching in my garage.

State of the Baby Address: HALFWAY AROUND THE SUN!

A week and a half ago, Willem celebrated his half-birthday. It was a rollicking affair, complete with playtime, food, sleep, some dirty diapers, and lots of smiles and drool.

I can’t believe my little guy is now on the downslope, careening toward his first birthday. I know, I know, that’s a long way off still, but I think it’ll be here before I know it. It breaks my heart a bit to think this may be the only chance I get to watch a little human, all my own, grow up.

I also realized I missed posting his five-month photos! Bad mama. FIVE MONTHS (on a blanket knitted by my Aunt Pam):
20140718. Five months.

20140718. Five months.

And…. my big, healthy, strong six-month-old (on a quilt made by my Grandma Farm; I remember playing on this quilt as a kid). At six months, he’s the length I was at 10 months and the weight I was at 12 months.
20140818. Willem's six months old.

20140818. Willem's six months old.

Happy halfway around the sun, my love!
You’ve come a long way.

State of the Baby Address: FOUR MONTHS!

Willem on his due date:

20140215. Hello, due date!

And three days later:

Baby K has arrived.

One month:


Two months:

20140418. Two months!

Three months:

20140518. 3 months!

And today… FOUR MONTHS! My big, sweet, funny babe gets smilier and sweeter and funnier by the day. He grabs things with his feet like a monkey, he thinks diaper changes are pretty hilarious, he likes watching me cook dinner from his carseat, and he smiles and gurgles at me every morning while I get ready for the day. Happy four months on this planet, Willem Altair!

20140618. Four months!

20140618. Four months!

20140618. Four months!

I’m Running for President

May 18 was my 35th birthday. I can now run for president! What do you think? Would you vote for me? Normally, I hate my birthday. I usually try to flee town, if not the country. Seriously, I’ve spent my birthday in Kentucky, Spain, Chicago, California, on the way to Europe… I’m not sure why. I think I don’t like the pressure of having to plan/do something awesome. And then feeling disappointed if it’s not birthday-caliber-awesome.

This year, though, my birthday was awesome. Willem turned three months old on May 18, and we took a trip up to Chicago to visit my parents and go to a show in Chicago. Our first date post-Willem, and Willem’s first real trip!

Three months!
20140518. 3 months!

20140518. 3 months!

My parents fed us insanely well, there was amazing beer and two birthday cakes, and I got framed photos of my babe, socks with hipster cats on them, a salad spinner, a rain barrel, more delicious beer, jewelry and clothes, and (best of all) fantastic company. Willem did terrific with the traveling, slept well, was generally a pretty charming little dude, and only really melted down about 40 minutes outside of Indy on our way back.

The view from my parents family room:
Happy birthday to me! My morning view at the parents' pad.

20140517. Willem and Grandma Deb.

20140518. My birthday buddy.

20140519. Willem playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa Steve.

The most amazing birthday cake I’ve ever received:
20140518. The most amazing cake I've ever received.

And oh lordy… these two…
20140518. I look up, and this is what I see. Lord help me.

The show, Elbow at House of Blues, was Chris’ early birthday present, so it was kind of a party weekend all around. The very last song they played was our wedding recessional song, and it was beautiful. Best of all? I put Willem down before we left at 7 pm, and he didn’t wake up until 2 am, well after we had gotten back home. Whew! No screaming babies for grandma and grandpa.

Here it is – well done, boys, well done!

In other news… sometimes it’s hard to make our bed.
20140516. Sometimes it's hard to make my bed.

TWO MONTHS: A Lifetime or a Blink of the Eye?

Two months! Yesterday, my little dude celebrated two months on this planet.

We’ve been living in some strange time warp during that time, I swear. In some ways, his birth feels like it happened a really long time ago. But then he does something that causes me to screech to a halt and tell him emphatically, “STOP GROWING SO FAST.”

Like yesterday morning? He was cooing and kicking away on the changing table, and then he expertly put his hand in his mouth, like he had been doing it for YEARS. He put that hand in his mouth like a total boss. And I was left reeling at the fact that my tiny nugget is growing up before my very eyes, changing every single day.

So to review – here’s the little guy on his due date:
20140215. Hello, due date!

His birthday:
Baby K has arrived.

One month:

And two months! My happy boy:
20140418. Two months!

I’ve decided to take our monthly photos on a different handmade blanket each month. We received so many beautiful quilts and blankets, and I knitted a few, too – I want to show them off! I knitted the one month blanket, and Grandma Lynn quilted the two month blanket.