Strawberry Yields Forever

Strawberry season is in full effect, y’all, and I think it’s safe to say that our strawberries have established themselves. Last spring, I planted four plants, and we got two strawberries. TWO.

This year, in our single 4’x4′ strawberry section of one of our raised beds, we have gotten almost more strawberries than we can eat. I say “almost,” because I really don’t think there is such a thing as “too many strawberries.”

20130609. Strawberries, mint, garlic scapes, peas, and strawberry-mint simple syrup.

This morning’s yield: strawberries, grapefruit mint, garlic scapes out the yin-yang, a few peas, our first itty bitty cherry tomatoes, and the most amazing strawberry-mint simple syrup ever.

So far, we have done the following with said strawberries:

  • Eaten ’em up.
  • Crushed ’em up with mint for some strawberry-mint water.
  • Boiled ’em down with mint to make strawberry-mint simple syrup.
  • Baked ’em up with a little sugar (“lazy person’s strawberry jam”) and spooned ’em over buttered bagels.
20130609. Strawberry season is in full effect.

The only bittersweet part about our epic strawberry yield: give it a few more weeks, and it will be over until next year.

Note: I unabashedly stole the title of this blog post from Jonny Yuma, a cool dude back in Bloomington and all-around nice guy. It’s just so brilliant!