Why I’d So Much Rather Live in Indianapolis Than Portland

I love this! Check out this video from Crafted Spoon, all about the Indy food scene, featuring Growing Places Indy and Amy Matthews from South Circle Farm, where we got married, among many others in our community. Chris and I had talked about moving somewhere like Portland or Asheville (and the latter may still happen at some point – hello, alpaca and bee farm in the Smokies), but in a place like Indianapolis, you aren’t preaching to the choir. There’s room for so much growth, and I think this video does a nice job of highlighting exactly how much room for growth there is.

(Sorry, you’ll have to click on the video to view it on Vimeo):

FarmCity from Craftedspoon on Vimeo.

Fast forward to 17:30 to meet Amy, the farmer at South Circle Farms who is the hardest working and one of the kindest women I know. Or fast forward to 19:40 to see the Indy Winter Farmers Market and my boss, Laura. 🙂

Seriously, this video makes me feel all the feels about my little pocket of the world.

Where My Bees At?

This video still makes me super happy. And I need some happy!

In bee-related news, we got to visit the top bar hive over at the Butler campus farm a few weeks ago. I can’t wait until we have bees next spring filling our own top bar hive.

Top bar bee hive at Butler Campus Farm.

Top bar bee hive at Butler Campus Farm.

Speaking of, Chris has not posted about the process of building our top bar hive, but check it – it now lives in the backyard (if you can see it behind my burgeoning belly!). So far, it has attracted a couple of little spiders, but no bees. Guess we’ll have to either buy a nuc for next spring or catch a swarm.

20130822. 14 weeks, 5 days.

Little Red, Big World…

Chickens running is definitely up there on the list of simple things that can make me ridiculously happy no matter what the weather, my personal circumstances, or what bad news I might have received.

Thus begins my NEW EPIC VIDEO QUEST – the quest to get what I believe is the epitome of the chicken run, the Little Red run, captured on video. I’m not sure how well I succeeded tonight, but the chickens do come when called more reliably than Birdie does.

Speaking of Little Red, she laid a mutant egg today:

20130507. Little Red's mutant egg.

While I was out playing with the chickens, Birdie, feeling left out and alone in the house, attempted to guess my password so she could have a YouTube chicken video marathon of her own.

20130507. Birdie doesn't know my password, but she's dying to watch cat videos on the internet.

(She didn’t guess it).

Large and in Charge: Beaker Lays Her First, Frighteningly Gigantic Egg

Beaker, the brave, the fave, the ancient-in-chicken-terms chicken finally got around to laying her first egg… and, oh man, was it ever a doozy:

20130205. Beaker laid her first egg, and it is HUGE! And bright green.

On the left is a Little Red egg. In the right, Beaker’s first, giant egg.

20130205. Rainbow of eggs.

Large and in charge, indeed. She laid another yesterday, and it was much more normally sized and a darker green. We shall see what they end up looking like in the long-run.

20130205. Five different chickens, five different eggs.

Left to right: Boo, Little Red, Beaker, Edgar, and Dino Puppy.

Now to find out what’s in it. Multiple yolks? An alien, like those creepy swimming pool pods in Cocoon (I have nightmares about those pods)? Here’s one possibility, brought to my attention by my fantastic friend, Alina, up in Seattle. I would like to do a similar video, but I fear that my Chicago accent wouldn’t be nearly as charming as this fellow’s Australian accent… and there’s probably not anything THIS exciting in Beaker’s first egg.