Life with Dog, or an Appreciation for Ears

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it recently or if you’ve ever taken note of this fact, but Birdie has amazing ears. She’s nearly eight months old, and her ears never fail to impress.

A pictorial overview of Birdie and her ears, from my first morning with her to today:

20121029. My first morning with Birdie.

20121101. Girlfriend is downright DISTRACTING.

20121110. Birdie.

20121123. Birdie and her heater.

Mid-yawn magic!

Birdie's first mirror (and hotel room).

20121208. Good dog!

20130216. Birdie is allowed on the bed when we travel. She obviously hates it.

20130328. Birdie, almost 8 months old.

Today, after a long walk in the sunshine and relative warmth.

You know what else? Today, Birdie did something new! For the first time ever in the five months we’ve had her! Are you ready for this?

Are you? Today, my little doggie… ate her first pair of shoes!

20130328. Life with dog.

And, yes, the inside toe of the left slipper is totally soggy with loving dog spit.

Okay, to be fair, they’re a pair of slippers. LEATHER slippers. That smell like me, her favorite human (sorry, Chris, but I’m her fave). And I left her alone with them for, like, hours. So, really, I wasn’t too shocked.

I still love the little rugrat. A lot. I’m feeling pretty lucky that we made the snap/somewhat random decision to get her from the shelter last October. She’s already brightened some bad days (sorry about that, doggie. I know you don’t like the bad days).

2 thoughts on “Life with Dog, or an Appreciation for Ears

    • Nuh uh. MINE! Although she is now OBSESSED with my left slipper. So when she’s gnawing away blissfully on my shoe? Then she’s your puppy.

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