Babies on the Brain…

And in the yard and in the house and on the fence and on and on and on…

My co-worker today told me that, during the 17-year cicada cycle, there is a huge growth in baby animal populations. I don’t have any better explanation for the insane number of baby animals we have found in the yard lately, so I’m going with it.

First, we discovered the cutest baby bunnies I HAVE EVER SEEN (turned out to be at least five) hiding out in our garlic beds. This little muffin and its siblings were about the size of tennis balls (in other words, TIIIIINY).

20130512. There she is!

Then, as Chris was leaving for work this morning, he discovered this magical, mythical beast just hanging out, covered in babies, on our fence.

Backyard Opossum with Babies

I mean, like, SERIOUSLY?! Are you KIDDING ME?!!!

Backyard Opossum with Babies

As long as we’re on the subject of babies, I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention two of my favorite wee babes, who we got to see this past weekend: my beautiful nephews.

20130511. Zach's 1st birthday, hugging his new hedgehog and rabbit.

Zachary, age one.

20130512. Me and my sweet Ben.

Ben, age almost-four.

And finally, there’s MY baby, Birdie, who has injured herself yet again. It breaks my heart. She managed to rip a nail completely in half in a dishwasher-related freakout last night, leading to a restless night that culminated in me dragging a blanket and pillow out to the rug in the living room at 5:00 this morning and petting her until she stopped whining and fell asleep beside me. My poor, sweet girl.

20130514. No chew!


8 thoughts on “Babies on the Brain…

    • Yup, there’s a hole in my garlic bed! 🙂 We just decided we wouldn’t be eating the garlic that was directly around where the babies were. They were only there that one day, and now – poof! Baby bunnies all seem to have gone.

    • Yes! Possums are actually what drove us to switch to 1/2″ wire on all sides of the chicken run last summer – we had a small one squeezing through the 2×4″ wire at night and eating their feed. We didn’t want them to get bigger and graduate to eating chickens instead of just their feed!

  1. Poor Birdie! My Ziggy had a blocked tear duct. Off to the vet we go tomorrow. The worst is waiting out the night until you can get to a vet. I hate feeling so helpless.

    • Aw, poor Zig. That sounds awful! I hate when my animals get injured – I always feel so helpless, too. With her, I knew it was really bad when she just resigned herself to me wrapping her foot up, putting on the cone of shame, etc. Our visit to the vet couldn’t come quick enough. Poor doggies!

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