Giving Thanks, Days 16-18: I Have a Bit of a Christmas Problem

Confession: I’m one of THOSE people. You know, the kind of person who loves the fact that the grocery store was playing Christmas songs the weekend after Halloween. Who has a Nutcracker Ballet Pandora station that gets frequent play between early-November and late-December. Who gets so sad at the thought that Thanksgiving and Christmas are close together this year, thus minimizing prime Christmas-tree-enjoyment. Guess which one of these I am?

DAY 16: THANKS FOR THE SMILES, NEIGHBORHOOD. I’m a sucker for streetside senses of humor. This adorable little guy makes me smile every time I’m stopped at the light down the street from my house. Which is often.

My hood.

DAY 17: WAY TO GO, CHRISTMASTIME, WITH ALL YOUR GLITTERY LIGHTS AND GLASS GLOBE ORNAMENTS AND NUTCRACKER SUITES. So what if it’s not Thanksgiving yet? Our tree is now decorated, and it makes me exceedingly happy to have those lights all aglow each night. Every year around this time, I think I’ll want to keep it up until February, but every year I somehow come to my senses around New Year’s Day and get the tree back into the basement, ready for next year.

20131122. Christmas tree goodness.

DAY 18: Finally, I’M REALLY THANKFUL WE LIVE EXACTLY WHERE WE DO. Seriously, we somehow found the perfect house for us. Like Chris said yesterday, “Things just seem to work out for us.” He’s right, they really do.

This little place was the second of many that we visited back in spring 2011, and it quickly became the house against which we measured all others in our price range. “This one’s all right…. but it’s not as nice as that second one we saw.” We’ve made an awesome home, and I never want to leave.

The latest step in house evolution: we finished the nursery closet, just in time for our upcoming baby shower!

20131123. Finished nursery closet!

20131123. Finished nursery closet!

20131125. The beginning of a library.

Our baby library begins, thanks to gifts from my brother and sis-in-law and my own bookshelf. I’ve never noticed how CREEPY that picture of Shel Silverstein is on the back cover of “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks, Days 16-18: I Have a Bit of a Christmas Problem

  1. The nursery closet looks perfect! Did you know there’s actually a strong tradition of the 12 days of Christmas? In our house, Christmas isn’t over until after Jan 5.

    • I like extending Christmas as long as I can! I have such fond memories of going to see the Nutcracker Ballet or Christmas Carol in Chicago as a kid, getting all dressed up in my velvet Christmas dress… Wading through waist high paper at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve, handing out presents and sticking pillows in our shirts so we could pretend to be Santa Claus… My grandma’s from-scratch coffee cake, made in the shape of a Christmas tree, on Christmas morning (she always saved the top of the tree for me)… The lights on Michigan Ave. HOORAY, CHRISTMAS!

      I am so super pleased with the closet. My boy is wicked crafty when it comes to home improvement. 🙂

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